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Japan 2016: Day 6 Asakusa and Ginza

Lazy Saturday in Tokyo.

Day 6 Asakusa
Sensoji Temple Hozomon Gate

And because we stayed at Disneyland for the fireworks the night before, everyone was too lazy to get out of bed early in the morning.

It was about past 1pm when we got out of the apartment for lunch. We were walking along the streets of Tsukiji when we noticed a huge group pouring out of this restaurant. If there are a lot of customers, must be a good place right?

Tsukiji Sushiko
Later we realized it was one of the popular sushi restaurant chains – Sushiko.

Tsukiji Sushiko. Since we arrived past lunch time, the place was almost empty and we were ushered to our seats promptly. (I have read from other traveler reviews that this restaurant can get very busy. We were extremely fortunate to have dined there without the crowd.) They have English menus and the staff who assisted with our orders understood a bit of English. Prices were very reasonable. We spent about JPY 9,500 for the five of  us. The sushi was fresh and I definitely recommend the fatty tuna! 😀

Tsukiji Sushiko
Oishi sushi!

Sensoji Temple. After lunch, we made our way towards Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, and boy, was it packed! 😯 From Asakusa station, it was about 10 minute walk to the temple. It was very easy to locate the temple – just follow the crowd!

The main road leading up to the temple entrance (Nakamise) was super packed and it was hard to stop and look at the shops that lined the street.
Sensoji Temple's Pagoda
Asakusa Kannon Temple five storied pagoda in the background
Tokyo Skytree
Tokyo Skytree is visible from Asakusa Temple. We decided to skip the skytree because views from the top might be limited because of the overcast skies that day.

We spent a maximum of 30 minutes to see the temple and its grounds. On our way back, we bought some ice cream.

Black sesame ice cream
Black sesame ice cream. Yum! 😛

Take note though that you are not allowed to eat while walking. The store owner held us back when we were about to leave. I tried to explain that one of the ice cream cones was meant for my younger sister who was waiting in the much less crowded side alley. Fortunately she understood and communicated in gestures that we should keep to the sides. After a few steps forward, another store owner attempted to pull us out of the crowd. Since it was hard to try to explain my situation above the crowd noise, I just looked at her and then to the two ice cream cones I was holding. I think she understood what I meant so she also sent me on my way. I fully understand though why they want to keep pedestrians from eating and walking. With the very thick crowds, chances of accidentally spilling or splatting your food on the people around you is much, much higher.

We went back to the apartment after that since my parents were going to meet an old friend that resides in Tokyo. My sisters and I, on the other hand, strolled around Ginza. The main street, Chuo Dori, is closed to cars on weekend afternoons. We saw the Apple Ginza store and it was full with people as the new iPhone 6S had just been launched. Ginza, being a high end shopping district, you’d expect lesser crowds. Contrarily though, there were a lot of groups of Chinese tourists visiting many shops. We tried our best to avoid them, hehe.

Strolling around Ginza 8)

After about half an hour of leisure strolling, we finally found the Pandora flagship store. I thought it’d be a lot bigger being the flagship store and all, but it was very small (much smaller than the Pandora stores here in the Philippines). They have multilingual staff, so communication was not an issue. The sales assistant who accommodated us was very friendly and engaged us in a conversation. My sister and I picked up a couple of charms as our souvenir token to mark our Japan trip. The store offers tax free shopping for tourists, you only need to show them your passport. With tax excluded, prices of the charms don’t really differ much from the Philippine prices though. 😛

We went into some Shiseido stores but the product my younger sister was looking for was not available. When we got to the end of the main shopping street, we went into Don Quijote (Donki). They have a very wide array of goods from cosmetics to homeware to electronics.

Ginza toy shop
Goofing around in one of the toy shops in Ginza

After Donki, we decided it was time for dinner. But the restaurants along Chuo Dori seemed very expensive. Then my sister remembered she saw on the map that there was a McDonald’s (yes, McDo :oops:) around Tsukiji. So we made our way back towards Tsukiji. We were near the apartment when a quick google search indicated it was still about a kilometer away. So we dropped McDo, and decided to grab dinner at a nearby tempura place.

Tempura Tendon Tenya
Dinner at Tempura Tendon Tenya

Tempura Tendon Tenya offers very affordable meal sets. We spent less than JPY 1,000 per meal set. Food was good value for your money.

When my parents got back from their dinner date, they told us that they had dinner at this swanking new building – Tokyu Plaza Ginza.

Dinner at Tokyu Ginza PlazaDinner at Tokyu Ginza Plaza

Though food was great, they tell us that it didn’t justify the hefty price tag and would prefer the sushi chain restaurant anytime. Hence why went back to Sushiko for our dinner on our last night before our flight back to the Philippines.

Do you have “lazy” vacation days? What “lazy day” activities do you do when you travel?

God bless everyone!



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